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February 11, 2019

Hi Fiona, 


We work with insurance broker, it's insured, who (we find) get very competitive insurance policies. Attached are the insurance companies it's insured are recommending for Doorey St and the associated paperwork. 


A few things to note: 


  • The Landlord quotes refer to Defined Events and Accidental Damage. Below is the definition of each. It's insured's advice is to go with the Accidental Damage policy as it's more robust.

    • Accidental Damage V Defined Events - Whereas defined events policies cover only the specific events listed in the policy, accidental damage policies conversely cover all accidental loss or damage to buildings or contents, other than those events specifically excluded by the contract

    • You will also notice the Liability Limit of $20,000,000 - this covers you should you become legally responsible to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage resulting from an occurrence in connection with your property. 





Next Steps: 


  • Review these premiums and PDS documents in comparison to the HSBC policy

  • Select which insurer you would like to move forward with 

  • If you would like to move forward with it's insured, I will notify them and they will provide a policy

    • You will need a bound policy by this Wednesday 13th of February 2019 at 4pm

    • Your lender will request the certificate of currency to issue the mortgage.


It's insured then supply: 


  • A tax Invoice which once paid becomes your policy schedule

  • A certificate of currency confirming cover has been placed (this would need to include HSBC's details)

  • A copy of the relevant Accidental Damage PDS

  • What You Told Us” form detailing what information was used to obtain cover.


Note: Milk Chocolate, its directors or employees do not receive any rebates, commissions or kickbacks from third-party providers. We simply refer who we believe are good suppliers. 


Please let me know if you have any questions? 


Thanks, Michael 

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