Building & Pest Inspection Report

February 11, 2019

Hi Fiona, 


I hope you're well. 


We have reviewed the building and pest inspection report with the inspector, Murray Bell of Premise Inspections


You can read the report here; 



As you know, these reports are written to indemnify/protect the inspector and always sound fairly alarming. Murray was really happy with the structure and felt the renovation had been finished to a high specification. A few things to get you across: 


  1. Pg. 9 

  • Underneath the house is loose asbestos and timbers

    • We have told the agent these need to be removed and the area remediated at the owner's expense. I will also have Ramsden include this as a sale condition. 


Pg. 10_5.25 


  • Murray has suggested the cladding boards need to be trimmed back as to not touch the ground to prevent termite damage

  • He has also recommended upgrading the termite barriers

    • I have our pest controller providing a quote for this work tomorrow

    • These can form part of the maintenance plan in the future and don't need to be done immediately. 


Pg. 12_5.3 


  • The electrical wires are hanging in the roof and these need to be secured to meet Australian standard.

    • We will include this be fixed as a condition of sale with proof of compliance provided. 


Pg. 13_5.4.1


  • It's recommended the hot water system be replaced in the near future as the current system is starting to leak 

  • I have our plumber quoting this tomorrow and we can decide the best course of action post their inspection. 


Pg. 17_5.9 


  • There is termite damage in the shed, although there are no longer any active termites 

    • We see termite damage in most homes as long as they are not active it's not a concern 

    • We would recommend regular 12-months pest inspections and a termite protection system 

    • I have our pest controller quoting this up tomorrow and we can make a decision after this. 


Pg. 18_6


  • In the report, it's indicated that the concrete piers need to be looked at as some are cracking.

    • Murray has confirmed he just needs to write this in the report as some have cracks. He said they have a good five-plus year left in them. The cost to replace a concrete pier is currently $550 (inc. GST) and in the years to come this can be included in the maintenance plan

      • This is very typical of most homes. 


Pg. 20


  • There are reports of slow backyard drainage, I have our plumber going out tomorrow to provide a report on his views. 


Given the age of the home, it is likely the internal walls contain asbestos. These is very common and only needs to be dealt with when the walls are being removed or the property renovated again. 


I know the above sounds full on, however, this report is very typical (if not better) for these types of homes. The reports we read for new homes are always very similar to the above, there is always something, we are not worried about the above. 


We can jump on a call to talk through the above. I can also arrange a time for you to speak directly with Murray if you like? 


Thanks, Michael 


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