You have purchased 1 Smith Street and are looking to structurally improve the property. We want to manufacture equity in a fast-growing market whilst providing an opportunity to secure a high-quality tenant. 

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Here we digest the architect and designers options that we believe are most suitable for your brief, budget and timings.


Media Gallery


Along the way, we will take plenty of photos and videos so you are always abreast of what's happening on site. Click on the camera to view all photos.




This is a top-level look at your total project timeline and the key milestones. Once we have engaged a builder, we will provide a detailed day-by-day timeline here.

The Plans

All of the project plans will be easily accessed below for you. This will update in real-time and as we progress you will be able to see and access any plans from the project.

Live Plans

As we progress through the designs, we will inevitably make changes, adjust layouts and improve designs. Below, we will always illustrate the 3D model of the most recent design.

Your Project on Pinterest


It's important to be inspired and collaborate throughout your project. Your Pinterest board is the hub of your design inspiration for all stakeholders.

Your Project on Instagram


We love social media! We will highlight your project across the journey on Instagram so you and your family can always see what is happening in real-time.

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